We enable our customers to achieve and maintain a leadership position in their fresh food retail operation.


Our fresh item management software platform supports the following operating activities: order replenishment, production planning, recipe management, inventory management, and regulatory compliance.

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    Fresh Ordering

    Computer-generated orders based on configurable delivery schedules, an accurate forecast and visibility to what's in the backroom and on this morning's truck.

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    Production Planning

    Generates accurate production recommendations based on configurable production cycles, minimum presentation quantities, an accurate demand forecast and visibility to current inventory levels.

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    Financial Inventory

    Perform period ending fresh inventory counts, utilizing configurable count areas and a review and approve workflow process that provides a summary of inventory values across the enterprise.

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    Recipe Manager

    Supports all aspects of recipe management including creation, maintenance, costing, nutritional label generation and preparation guides.

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    Shrink Tracker

    Captures and reports all inventory movement including discards, markdowns, transfers, conversions and cycle counts.

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    A USDA-compliant traceability solution that tracks raw material from its point of origin to the retail shelf.


Our enterprise scale management software platform seamlessly manages and distributes item level data and scale resources to a retailer’s entire network of production scales and labeling equipment.

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    Item and Price Maintenance

    Centrally distributes all PLU data including nutritional ingredients and allergen information.

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    Scale Resource Management

    Centrally distributes scale resources including images, label formats, multimedia content and firmware updates.

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    Scale Asset Management

    Monitors performance and uptime of all scales throughout your network with visibility from the E-plum dashboard.

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    ScaleLink Drivers

    Enables centralized communications of data to scales and labeling equipment from every major manufacturer.