Quality Assurance Manager

This is a full-time and permanent position reporting to VP, Development, and Quality Assurance. To apply, please submit your resume to

Opportunity Overview

A force for change and a leader. You know that companies need help to achieve the business outcomes they seek, and you have the skills and leadership to deliver it. You love delivering great solutions to customers and are passionate about setting a strong example for your team. You also enjoy mentoring and building out technical and professional skills within your team.   You also have strong people skills and enjoy interfacing with clients to deliver valuable insight and help them understand how our solutions can meet the needs of their business challenges, as well as drive the value of our software solutions.

You’ve got the skills, tools, and know-how to help companies make the moves to be more nimble, more capable, and more productive. You also know that customers need a strong software partner to help them drive key business value and decisions using our suite of software.

Do you want to be part of a strong technical team that delivers Enterprise based solutions for North America’s leading retailers?

If so, then Invatron is the perfect place for you to apply your skills to help our customers drive business value from our solutions.

The Role

The Quality Assurance (QA) Manager will oversee the activity of the quality assurance department, developing, implementing, and maintaining a system

of quality and reliability testing for the organization’s products and/or development processes. This role is essential to producing dependable and durable products as well as maintaining a positive reputation among consumers.

What You Will Do:

Manage both manual QA testers and QA automation developers. Currently, 

8 manual testers divided between two product sprint teams & 4 automation developers on one product sprint team. 

Work with QA team leads to ensure QA resources are being effectively allocated to meet sprint commitments.

Monitor QA progress on all sprints daily and help QA team resolve any 

issues impacting their ability to complete sprint commitments.

Ensure QA team is adequately prepared for all sprint planning sessions 

and advocate for QA in all sprint planning sessions.

Work with Product Manager to understand overall business requirements 

of each sprint.

Work with Development Manager or Development Team Leads to ensure development is delivering code to QA within target timeframes each sprint.

Work with QA team leads during sprints to ensure all issues are being effectively assessed, tested, and prioritized in alignment with sprint 

completion goals.

Help QA team leads prepare for and lead sprint review sessions.

Review issues on each sprint and ensure all issues have QA effort assessments for planning purposes. 

Work with team leads to ensure QA effort assessments make sense and 

do not jeopardize sprint commitments.

Review newly created Jira issues from QA team and work with SCRUM 

Master & Product Manager to ensure critical issues are addressed in a timely manner within the sprint.

Ensure all issues injected into the sprint do not jeopardize the quality 

of any product release and that all injected issues have appropriate 
QA effort assessments.

Prepare final QA sprint report for distribution to executives.

Work with SCRUM Master to ensure sprint process is working effectively 

for the QA team and generate QA-related KPI dashboard for distribution 

to executives.

Review QA testing output (test cases, Jira issue details, etc.) daily & ensure output is consistent with expectations.

Ensure QA team has the necessary tools and training to perform their daily tasks of bug tracking, manual and automated test case generation, etc.

Learn high-level knowledge of Invatron products and assist in investigating and/or testing issues that might be causing the QA team a significant challenge and could potentially jeopardize sprint commitments.

Work with DevOps leads to ensure QA manual and automated testing is integrated within the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 

cloud pipeline.

Under the guidance of Human Resources, conduct performance reviews 

of all QA team members and interview potential QA candidates when hiring.

About You

Minimum of 5 years of experience managing a software QA department.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must, including the ability to have a good rapport not only with QA team resources but also with other department leads.

Experienced with QA process within a continuous integration & continuous deployment cloud environment is a must.

Strong ability to multi-task, organize and prioritize relevant tasks.

Strong ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical or process-related 

QA issues.

Strong ability to negotiate and push back on issues that may increase risk and jeopardize the quality of product releases.

Experience with Jira is an asset.

Experience with automated testing tools, development, or process is a tremendous asset.

Knowledge of Gherkin test case writing an asset.

Experience with modern QA tools and processes.

Hands-on testing/trouble-shooting skills.

Why Invatron

 Competitive compensation, flex hours, and a comprehensive benefits package.
 We take great pride in our first-class team and culture. Open-door approach at all levels.
 Entrepreneurial and rapid growth company with essentially zero employee turnover.
 The premium and most progressive product on the market. Focus on continuous innovation.
 Work hard/play hard mentality; we thrive on change and continuously strive for excellence.
 Real-time coaching and feedback, growth opportunities, and a supportive and collaborative.